Welcome to the sweet life!

I have thorough knowledge within anatomy, physiology, pathology, alternative pathology, client psychology, nutrition, phyto- and immune therapy, as well as various methods of diagnosis.


Health does not have to be restrictive diets. Health is fun, loving life and your body. When your body is nourished on all levels, it will reward you in terms of ENERGY, BALANCE and HAPPINESS.


Two of my books are now available in English - and they are all about the sweet side of life.


I am a certified Naturopath from the Institute of Biological Medicine in Denmark. I have specialized in infertility and women’s illnesses, such as PMS and climacteric-related symptoms. However, I am a general practitioner, and have experience in treating many other symptoms as well.


Naturopathy is a biological analysis- and comprehensive form of therapy. It is a combination of American biological medicine, German symbiosis- and immune therapy, as well as Scandinavian natural medicines.


Please - indulge yourself.








  • p8npm Dream Bar recipe
    This recipe is a taste of my book Raw Snacks: Dream Bar A chocolate bar full of power and nourishment – a bit of paradise. Make a tray full and keep in the fridge. Makes 5 bars 60g cashew nuts 60g Brazil nuts 2 tablespoons unsalted pistachio nuts 45g mulberries 2 tablespoons goji berries 80g cocoa … Læs videre "Dream Bar recipe"...
  • i7ino9 Raw Cake Book is now out!
    My second book in English is now out – yipee! Go get it at og  To celebrate we are posting lots of recipes and we are soon to launch af fantastic give-away. Sign up for the newsletter and make sure you don’t miss a thing....
  • 87g Raw Ginger Cookies
    Happy 1st of December! Today I’m sharing a “christmessy” recipe form my new book Raw Cakes Ginger Cookie To make completely crisp cookies you must have a dehydrator which dries the cookies. If you are not the lucky owner of such a dehydrator you can instead roll the cookies to juicy balls – they are … Læs videre "Raw Ginger Cookies"...
  • 5b7jubj Win a copy of Caroline’s books Raw Snacks and Raw Cake
    We are giving away 10 copies of Caroline Fibæk’s bestselling book Raw Snacks and her sequel Raw Cake. All you have to do is sign up to the newsletter. Sunday the 31st of May we will pick 20 winners from the subscribers on the newsletter. Sign up and participate in the competition here. You can buy … Læs videre "Win a copy of Caroline’s books Raw Snacks and Raw Cake"...
  • 7m99 Ganache a trois
    Today I want to share a recipe from my new book with you: A delicious raw chocolate cake with three different kinds of chocolate.  Almost too much of a good thing – but also only just. Serves approx.  8-10 people CHOCOLATE BASE 60g Brazil nuts 165g dates, stones removed 1 tbsp cocoa butter 1 tbsp … Læs videre "Ganache a trois"...
  • o9j8 Pineapple Kvass
    I simply love fermentation! I want to share one of my recipes with you: Pineapple Kvass! YOU WILL NEED: 1 litre of water 1/2 pineapple, diced and peeled HOW TO: Add water and pineapple to a clean glass jar. Do not fill the glass up entirely, leaving a 5 cm gap between the surface and … Læs videre "Pineapple Kvass"...
  • twcv Is your gut flora making you fat? (3 tips to prevent fattening bacteria)
    Is your stomach full of bad intestinal bacteria that are making you fat? Chances are, this might just be the case, considering our overconsumption of substances which kills the friendly bacteria, for example: antibiotics, leftover pesticides from crops and drinking water, alcohol, pain-killing medication (NSAID’s), and sugary food. All of the above eliminate the beneficial … Læs videre "Is your gut flora making you fat? (3 tips to prevent fattening bacteria)"...
  • 46wv4 Are you sour enough?
    In the PleasureDiet, we often discuss the reasons why nourishing the digestion is so important, and knowing how to. This is why I want you to have this recipe on home-made sauerkraut. The recipe is taken from my book 42RAW. Sauerkraut is the perfect low-budget food, easy to make, and the ultimate superfood. Souring or … Læs videre "Are you sour enough?"...

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