Naturopath IBM, lecturer, and author of numerous bestsellers.

Caroline Fibæk, naturopath and author of bestseller Raw Cakes - also translated in to Norwegian and English– as well as Raw Snacks. She has published several other books in her homeland, Denmark. Latest "Harmonious Hormones"


Caroline has appeared publically several times on Danish national television and for the past years Caroline has been a frequent writer in the health sections of magazines. She is often used for expert advice, and mentioned in various magazines: Caroline is a frequently used lecturer.


When she is not busy writing books, or giving lectures on natural foods and self-healing, hormones and chocolate, Caroline runs her own education and clinic where she offers consultations.




My philosophy

‘My passion as well as my mission is to make my clients sparkle with happiness and health. I am deeply fascinated by our body’s ability to cure itself, recreate life and energy, as long as we supply it with the right natural sources.’


The human organism is a mechanically precise unity, in which thousands of processes are taking place all at once. Fluid balance, concentration of oxygen, production of digestive enzymes, and excretion of toxins, are just a few of thousands of biochemical processes that keep the body balanced.


Balance is an important prerequisite for a healthy and functioning organism.


As human beings, we are biologically armed to manage different impacts. On a daily basis our bodies have to fight many disruptive factors such as; stress, not enough sleep, viruses, bacteria, lack of vitamins and minerals, insufficient eating habits, as well as toxins from our environment and the food we eat.


The primary purpose of naturopathic and bio-medicinal treatment is to liberate and strengthen the body’s own potential to cure itself.


Within naturopathy, the human state of health is viewed as a natural result of life style and environment. We regard illnesses as symptoms of profound imbalances. A signal from the body saying that something is not working properly – something is out of balance. To subdue or paralyze these symptoms is then not the same as treating the illness. This would be similar to knocking out the fuel gauge in the car when it starts blinking and the tank is empty – then expecting to be able to drive on just because the blinking stopped.


In order to treat the body naturally, it must be viewed as a unity – a holistic organism.


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Education and work

I am a boardcertified Naturopath from the Institute of Biological Medicine. I have specialized in infertility and women’s illnesses, such as PMS and climacteric-related symptoms and studied at The Institute for Functional Medicine and Hertoghe Medical School in Belgium.


I am CEO of the Institute for Complementary Hormone Therapy, where I also teach and research.


In my practice use DNA tests and functional laboratory tests and my medicine is diet, nutraceuticals, botanicals, sleep, love, laughter - and chocolate.

On the side, I teach nutrition and health at various health institutes.


Health does not have to be restrictive diets. Health is fun, loving life and your body. When your body is nourished on all levels, it will reward you in terms of ENERGY, BALANCE and HAPPINESS.






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